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The Osman’s Optical group is a member of the South African Optometric Association (SAOA) and the Healthcare Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and we adhere strictly to the policy guidelines set by these bodies.

Our key services include:

Bsic Eye ExamBasic eye exam – We record patient case histories, with in-depth detail regarding the patient’s ocular health, family history, medication, allergies and visual needs in order to give us a preliminary diagnoses. A clinical examination will then include a visual acuity test, a visual skills investigation, and visual fields screening.

Contact lens fitting – A case study is done to ascertain general health, reason for lenses, occupation, relevant family history, medication and any previous injury or trauma. We then take the necessary measurements to determine suitability for contact lens wear and appropriate lens material and design.

Low vision assessment – including the following:

  • Observational assessment
  • Patient interview techniques
  • Case history
  • Ocular health assessment
  • Distance and near visual acuity measurements
  • Low vision refraction including magnification assessment
  • Functional assessment
  • Binocular vision assessment
  • Auxiliary tests such as required
  • Prescription of appropriate devices

Visual screening for children – This is important for the early detection of abnormal visual conditions that may affect the development of a child’s eyes. The benefit of conducting a visual examination is that most of the visual defects and anomalies in early childhood can be reversed with the appropriate care and management.

Glaucoma screening – this includes examining the following:

  • The inner eye pressure
  • The shape and colour of the optic nerve
  • The complete field of vision
  • The angle in the eye where the iris meets the cornea
  • Thickness of the cornea

Company screening:

  • Visual acuity
  • Prescription/refraction
  • Tonometry
  • Visual fields
  • Drivers’ licence certificates